Terms of Use

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All parts of MONEY 2.0 may be used freely under the conditions of the Attribution and Share Alike license (CC BY-SA 3.0) and with the limitations stated below.

More information about CC BY-SA 3.0 is available here:



You are very welcome to link to www.money20.org.

Distributing the MONEY 2.0 concept and/or the MONEY 2.0 source questions, in part or entirely, via other websites or as an offline document is permitted provided the publication indicates that the most recent version of MONEY 2.0 can be found at www.money20.org.

Using parts of MONEY 2.0 for new concepts contradicts the basic idea behind MONEY 2.0, which is to join up current efforts and not to contribute to further segmentation. Where a new branch seems unavoidable, the spin-off must include an explanation as to why it was necessary in the first place.