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You’re welcome to support MONEY 2.0 by…

• Spreading the word

Even in the online age, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to spread ideas and possibly change the world for the better. Talk to others and give them some food for thought: as most people don’t realize there might be a problem with traditional currencies, this could require some patience. In fact, many don’t even understand the basic principles behind money, so don’t be surprised to face disbelief (“Traditional money is only issued through loans? No way!”). Take your time as time is needed to part from traditional “knowledge”. Speaking to people is one of the most important things you can do – as long as people don’t understand what’s going on, things are unlikely to change.

• Linking to the MONEY 2.0 website

If you’re a webmaster, you can support MONEY 2.0 by linking here. Examples:

This website supports MONEY 2.0.




A big “Thank you” to the sites already supporting MONEY 2.0!

• Improving MONEY 2.0

MONEY 2.0’s SOURCE QUESTIONS are public so anyone can follow the ideas and conclusions behind MONEY 2.0 and uncover bugs, logical mistakes or other design flaws. This exercise should be particularly useful if you are currently working on an alternative money concept of your own or have already implemented one, as it will also reveal the bugs, logical mistakes or other design flaws in your own concept, and make your currency MONEY 2.0-compatible. Please submit your findings via the MONEY 2.0 contact form.

• Translating the MONEY 2.0 concept

The MONEY 2.0 concept is currently available in English and German. If you happen to be fluent in other languages, don’t hold back – providing an error-free translation would definitely help advance MONEY 2.0! (To get in touch, please fill in the MONEY 2.0 contact form.)

• Implementing MONEY 2.0

A big step for you, but a giant leap for mankind: At this point, MONEY 2.0 is simply a concept – for full impact, MONEY 2.0 needs to be implemented. If you have the necessary resources to employ MONEY 2.0, or would like to draw on the SOURCE QUESTIONS to improve an existing alternative currency, you are more than welcome: MONEY 2.0 is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and using the concept is only subject to minor limitations. If you’re looking for partners, have programming skills, or would like to exchange opinions on (or your experience with) MONEY 2.0, please get in touch via the MONEY 2.0 contact form.

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